Success Stories - Fiona Cregan

Before After 9

Fiona signed up with us in The CMB Gym in 2017 and over the course of two years of dedication she lost over 20kgs of body fat. She had tried many personal trainers in the past but like many before her she had been sorely let down with the lack of knowledge and thus lack of results.

It was apparent to Fiona that we could really help her but her trust was broken so many times in the past she was quite nervous. Unfortunately this happens quite a lot in the fitness industry and people become extremely disillusioned with the whole process. So, she decided she was willing to go the distance to do it right. Her mindset around training and nutrition was completely overhauled but this was in no way a linear journey, fat loss never is!

When it comes to female fatloss nothing is really very simple, there’s a lot of complicated factors, one major one being the reproductive system. Fiona had never really tracked her menstrual cycle so that was a starting point for us. She was training up to five times per week mainly performing HIIT training for a long period of time which was causing metabolic damage. We stripped things back to two strength days and one strength & conditioning day with parasympathetic work outside of the gym. It became the norm to eat well, it became a lifestyle.

I remember when Fiona started with us she made a comment that the price of personal training with us was as expensive as buying a car. It wasn’t long before she said it was the best investment she had ever made.


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