Success Stories - Aisling Schmidt

Before After 11

Aisling had a background in sports and enjoyed the odd bought of crossfit but had decided to make some serious body composition changes. After plenty of research and seeing the reviews on personal trainer Dublin and of the CMB Gym she signed up for an initial twelve week block. In her own words, she was “blown away’ by the results in strength, mobility and body composition.

Aisling achieved better results in a shorter period of time than she had ever seen before! She undertook everything we told her, implemented the necessary lifestyle changes, trained hard when necessary and backed off accordingly. Not only did Aisling achieve fantastic physical results by dropping an untold amount of bodyfat and getting ridiculously strong but she also reinvented her mindset into a new way of thinking.

Feeling better soon became as important to her as looking better. She began by cutting out coffee, staying off the smartphone and laptop in the evenings, started an evening/bedtime routine, ie. Meditation and reading (downtime) and getting to bed earlier. This made a huge difference to Aisling’s overall health and wellbeing in correlation with her physical progressions in the gym. She was absolutely delighted with her results inside and outside of the gym and in her own words was “the best investment I’ve ever made in myself”.


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