Success Stories - Mark Hinds

Mark Hinds

Mark, like many before him, had dedicated years to training without experiencing tangible results. Despite the significant effort invested over 5 years, with 4 to 5 weekly sessions of lifting, there was minimal change in either mindset or body composition. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, he embarked on a thorough search for personal trainers in Dublin, navigating through a plethora of trainers and personal training studios. His research led him to The CMB Gym, where the compelling reviews and visible outcomes prompted him to schedule a consultation.

Upon our initial meeting with Mark, his shyness was evident, alongside a sense of being disillusioned with fitness. In our role as guides, CMB Gym provided reassurance, emphasizing that adherence to our meticulously crafted lifestyle plan would enable him to attain the physique he deemed unattainable. Convinced by our aligned vision, Mark committed to our program.

Our approach involved a comprehensive coaching strategy, focusing on every repetition and training session. We emphasized the crucial link between mind and body, fostering a deep muscle-mind connection. Starting from the basics, we focused on establishing a robust foundation by addressing foundational movement patterns and correcting instabilities and mechanical inefficiencies. Each week, Mark demonstrated remarkable progress in engaging his mind with every exercise, meticulously focusing to enhance muscle activation and experiencing the intended muscle work through every movement.

Within a mere 18 weeks, Mark surpassed his own expectations. Our scientifically supported training program, combined with personalized nutrition strategies, facilitated a significant body transformation. Mark reduced his body fat by nearly 10% while simultaneously increasing his lean muscle mass, a testament to the efficacy of our holistic approach.


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