Success Stories - Patrick Boylan

Patrick Boylan

Patrick's fitness journey is a remarkable testament to dedication, involving significant travel from Donegal to Dublin just to train at CMB Gym. Initially starting as a satellite client with moderate training experience, Patrick found himself caught in a cycle of inconsistent results. This experience fueled his decision to seek a change, leading him to embark on a quest for a personal trainer in Dublin that culminated with his commitment to CMB Gym.

Understanding the need for a more intensive regimen to achieve his goals, Patrick made the significant decision to relocate to Dublin for three months. This move allowed us to intensify his training schedule to three and eventually four days per week at CMB Gym. Such a commitment demonstrated Patrick's serious dedication to his transformation journey.

As Patrick's training progressed, we carefully increased his workload, incorporating planned de-loads to ensure his Heart Rate Variability (HRV) remained high. This strategic approach was aimed at keeping Patrick in an optimal state for muscle building and fat loss, focusing on the delicate balance between pushing limits and ensuring recovery.

The results of Patrick's hard work and our tailored program were nothing short of impressive. He managed to cut his body fat percentage in half, going from 20% down to 10%, while simultaneously gaining 4kgs of muscle. This incredible transformation not only marked a significant physical change but also represented Patrick achieving the best physique of his life.

Patrick's journey from a satellite client making weekly travels for training to moving closer for a more intensive regimen underscores the importance of commitment in the pursuit of fitness goals. His story is a vivid illustration of how a tailored approach, combined with unwavering dedication and the right guidance, can lead to extraordinary results.

Patrick's success at CMB Gym serves as a powerful inspiration for anyone looking to transform their physique. It highlights that with the right support and a commitment to the process, achieving one's best self is not only possible but inevitable. Patrick's transformation is a celebration of what can be accomplished when you dedicate yourself fully to your fitness journey.


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