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Mindset Matters Most

How much do you think? Do you have any idea how many thoughts you have in one day? And how many of those thoughts are POSITIVE! You probably have more negative than positive but we’ll explain here how to tap into your “higher self” and keep those thoughts positive. The average person has from 50,000 to 100,000 thoughts per day. I bet you didn’t think it was that many but we do and scientific studies suggest 98% of those thoughts are the same thoughts as the day before.

So… Let’s talk about the Art Of Thinking.

The art of thinking lies in producing the most powerful thoughts with the least expenditure of mental energy. A thought should be expressed without strain or tension. This is the art of thinking, the least exertion and maximum result.

The thought should not only be powerful but should also be right. The art of thinking does not allow useless or wrong thoughts to occupy the mind. Only virtuous and moral thoughts naturally fill the mind, thoughts that will help evolution. But don’t worry it takes time to “change your mind” just as it does t0 build a body. Be patient and work on it everyday.

Another aspect of the art of thinking is how thoughts come in such a way that they produce the greatest good for the thinker and spread harmony in his/her surroundings.

Without the art of thinking, random thoughts will come at any time. Useless, wrong, weak, misleading or degenerative thoughts are a barrier to you evolving your mind and reaching your full potential be it physically, mentally or both.

Evolution will be assured only when loose thinking is replaced by the art of thinking, ie. the “higher consciousness” . Thinking will then be in harmony with cosmic law, the laws of nature and the Universe.

The art of thinking means that a thought, while setting the mind in action in the relative field, at the same time leaves it free from bondage or attachment. The mind should be free while engaged in thought and should be used as a means to eternal freedom in God consciousness.

God Consciousness

The art of thinking is cultivated bringing the mind to the source of thought, consciously gathering there the seed of thought and bringing it out with limitless energy from the field of transcendental being. The thought becomes saturated with being and becomes a means of bringing transcendental Being into the relative field of multiple phenomenal creation.

The art of archery lies in first drawing the arrow back on the bow as far as possible and then releasing it so that it that it hits the target with great force. Likewise, the art of thinking lies in drawing the mind back to the source of thought and from there releasing it to produce a forceful thought, supplemented by the power of Being. This will bring more efficiency into the field of thinking and action. It will give power and success to life and it will bring the infusion of Being into outer activity and become a means for transcendental self consciousness to grow into cosmic consciousness. The most highly evolved state human consciousness. Thus the art of thinking is the most vital aspect of life.

So the art of thinking lies in having (1) right thoughts; (2) useful creative thoughts; (3) powerful thoughts; (4) thoughts by whose influence the thinker is not bound, remaining established in freedom, in Being. We shall deal with these four points separately.

  • Right thoughts;

It is very necessary for the mind to entertain only right thoughts. A right thought is one which produces a good, harmonious, useful and life supporting influence for the thinker and entire universe, now and for all time.

A right thought is a thought which is in accordance with the natural process of evolution and which produces no harmful effects whatever for the thinker or anyone else.

How could the mind entertain only constructive thoughts?

When the mind is in the state of transcendental Being it gains that level of consciousness which is the basis of all the laws of nature, and in this state the mind will naturally entertain only constructive thoughts.

It does not seem possible to entertain thoughts which are always right by merely trying to think in the right way. Conscious attempts to entertain only right thoughts strain the mind. For the mind to succeed in entertaining only right thoughts it should be so cultured that it naturally picks up only right thoughts. If the mind is not established on the plane of comic law, them the disconnected mind will not succeed in having only right thoughts.

There is no way of ascertaining intellectually which thought is absolutely right. Even if the rightness of a thought could be judged intellectually, this could only happen once a thought had already arisen and been scrutinised to find whether it were right or not but by then the thinker and the atmosphere would already have been influenced by its quality.

So it is not possible to ensure only right thoughts until the mind develops within itself a state whereby it could not entertain wrong thoughts.

  • Useful and creative thinking

Every thought consumes life energy in the process of development. If a thought is not useful the energy consumed is wasted. Its repercussion on the surroundings will at best not be useful and at worst positively harmful. Therefore it is essential for the mind to entertain only useful and creative thoughts.

Day-dreamers exhaust their minds on fancies. Such impractical thinking is a great waste of life energy, robbing the thinker of the ability to think precisely and to make decisions.

A useful thought is one which is creative and has a constructive purpose in life. A thought is entertained by the mind so that it may be developed and used for fulfilment or some desire. Thought is the foundation of action. If the thought is useful and creative, then the action will be useful and productive. To have one such useful thought is far more valuable than to waste mental energy in entertaining innumerable useless thoughts one after another.

The art of useful and creative thinking lies in the regular practice of transcending meditation, which cultivates the state of Being in the very nature of the mind so that it is always contented in the bliss consciousness of absolute Being. Thus contented it entertains only useful thoughts, thoughts that arise to fulfil the need of the hour for the thinker and the surroundings, thoughts that will fulfil the purpose of the evolution of the individual and the entire cosmic life.

  • Power of thinking

For a thought to be powerful two things are necessary. First, the full power of the mind should be used to create and develop it, and secondly, the forces of nature of nature should support it. A thought will be at its most powerful only if both the thinker and the mind is behind a thought but the thought is not cherished by the surroundings, thoughts that will fulfil the purpose of evolution of the individual and entire cosmic life.

Transcendental meditation can create a state in which every thought is supported by the mind’s full potential and enjoys the good will of all the laws of nature.

  • Thinking to liberate the thinker

The art of thinking demands not only that thoughts should not produce a binding influence on the thinker but that they should also serve as a means of liberations from bondage.

When the mind thinks, it is identified with the thought. This identification of the mind with the thought overthrows the validity of being. Such a mind, whose essential nature of being is overshadowed, remains under the bondage of thought. Therefore the art of freeing the mind from the binding influence of a thought lies in the ability to maintain the state of being while thinking.

When the thinker is able to entertain a thought at its origin, the thought develops under the custody of the mind and fails to bind it, becoming a means to liberation but when the thinker ignores the thought until it has developed to a point where it can no longer be ignored, then the thought captures the mind, influences it and binds it. A child that is properly taken care of in infancy by its mother naturally grows up to serve and respect her but if the child is ignored in infancy, it grows in arrogance, becoming a means of bondage to her. In order to gain proficiency in the art of thinking the mind must be trained to maintain being at all time. This is possible for everyone through the practice of being.

Ashwin Amersi

CMC Coach



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