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Vincent Onderdelinden

Loss: 13% Body Fat
The CMB Gym delivers the best possible fitness and personal training experience. Apart from visible results, Darragh and his team focus on continuous improvement of technique and knowledge.

Not only is Darragh and his team true experts in their field, but they are also truly great guys who care about their client's success. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about training and changing their lives for the better!

Danielle Hayes

Danielle Hayes Before And After New

Danielle Hayes' transformation journey at CMB Gym is a profound testament to the power of dedication and expert coaching. Under the guidance of CMB Gym, Dani...

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne Before and After

Radio, television, and internet personality Stephen Byrne's fitness journey at CMB Gym has proven to be a transformative experience, aligning perfectly with ...

Ömer Gökdere

Ömer Gökdere

In just 2.5 months of training with Darragh at CMB Gym, Ömer's progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Ömer worked with a dedicated personal trainer...

Fabio Mosti

Fabio Mosti Before And After

Fabio's transformation at CMB Gym is nothing short of remarkable. In just 12 weeks, he managed to shed several kilos of body fat, while simultaneously learni...

Stuart Kirwan

Stuart Kirwan

Stuart Kirwan's transformation story with CMB Gym is a powerful testimony to the life-changing potential of dedicated fitness coaching. When Stuart began his...

Yaowen Wu

Before And After Yaowen Wu Copy

Yaowen Wu's story is one of dedication and transformation, mirroring the success he's achieved in his career. A skilled software engineer at a prominent Dubl...

Christianne Esser

Christianne Esser

Christianne Esser's journey at CMB Gym is a heartfelt story of overcoming personal challenges and rediscovering self-confidence. Initially hesitant, Christia...

Jamie Burke

Before And After Jamie Burke Copy

Jamie Burke's engagement with CMB Gym marked a turning point in his fitness journey. For years, he was caught in a cycle of directionless gym visits and runs...

Gareth Byrne

Before And After Gareth Byrne Copy

Gareth Byrne's 12-week fitness journey at CMB Gym was marked by accomplishment and support. Seeking a program that could offer clear results, Gareth found ex...

Callum Black

Before And After Callum Black Copy

Callum Black's fitness story is one of reclamation and strength. After allowing his career demands to sideline his health, Callum embarked on a quest to find...

Paul Nevin

Before And After 6 (1)

Paul Nevin's fitness journey at CMB Gym is nothing short of inspiring. In his first 18 weeks alone Paul successfully shed 12 kilos and significantly enhanced...

Colette Ferguson

Colette Ferguson

Colette Ferguson, at 65, embarked on her fitness journey with us, motivated to enhance her strength, health, and energy, while also improving her body compos...

Kevin McAuley

Kevin McAuley

Kevin McAuley, originally from Co. Down and a former resident of Dublin and Australia, embarked on his fitness journey with years of training under his belt....

Declan Fitzpatrick

Declan Fitzpatrick

Declan Fitzpatrick's 12-week transformation at CMB Gym is extraordinary. He shed 9 kilos, nearly a kilo each week, through a meticulous blend of strength tra...

Darragh O’Boyle

Darragh Oboyle

Darragh O'Boyle joined the CMB Gym with a clear focus: to build strength and enhance his physique. Despite facing challenges with maintaining consistent focu...

Mark Hinds

Mark Hinds

Mark, like many before him, had dedicated years to training without experiencing tangible results. Despite the significant effort invested over 5 years, with...

Fr. Tony Conlon

Fr. Tony Conlon

Father Tony Conlon achieved remarkable fitness and nutrition milestones with the dedicated support of CMB Gym. His journey highlights the personalized approa...

Sean O’Grady

Sean O'grady

Before Sean signed up with CMB, he knew little to nothing about fitness and nutrition. The CMB helped Sean "change my lifestyle from bad to good." The CMB Gy...

Ronan Nolan

Ronan Nolan

Ronan's transformative journey with CMB Gym began in the shadow of a looming global pandemic in 2020, a pivotal moment that set the stage for profound person...

Michael Barrett

Michael Barret2

Michael Barrett, a Senior Producer at a leading Irish studio, has been at the forefront of bringing the allure of Hollywood to Dublin, working to develop ori...

Mark Carmody

Mark Carmody

Mark's fitness journey is a testament to the transformative power of personalized training and the right guidance. With over 20 years of experience working w...

Séan Donnelly

Séan Donnelly

Séan's journey to self-improvement began with a pivotal moment in his life, captured during our initial meeting in the unlikely setting of a Costa Coffee. F...

Eric McInerney

Eric McInerney

Eric was meticulous in his search for a gym/personal trainer. He spent over three months in his quest to find the right coach and gym to join. He had a host ...

Kieron Cullen

Kieron Cullen

Kieron Cullen, a viral Scottish TikTok influencer residing in Dublin, embarked on a life-changing journey with CMB Gym after an exhaustive search for a perso...

Patrick Boylan

Patrick Boylan

Patrick's fitness journey is a remarkable testament to dedication, involving significant travel from Donegal to Dublin just to train at CMB Gym. Initially st...

Cian Callaghan

Cian Callaghan

In just 18 weeks, Cian Callaghan has exemplified the power of dedication, adherence, and consistency in the pursuit of personal transformation. As a busy pro...

Dr. Patrick Conway

Patrick Conway

At the outset, Dr. Patrick Conway's journey to wellness was steeped in the common challenges faced by many professionals leading high-demand careers. As an a...

David Byrne

Before After 6

Dave came into us looking too completely overhaul his life, body and mind. At the tender age of 58 many have the impression that its just too late to do anyt...

Conor Sherdian

Connor Sheridan - Before and After

Conor is the owner of a restaurant chain in Dublin and has a very hectic and stressful life. Conor was searching for quite a while for a personal trainer in ...

Niall Minihan

Before After 1

Niall was referred to us by a friend who loved their own experience in the CMB Gym. Niall was your typical “hard gainer” when he signed up with us, strug...

Dean Wallace

Before After 13

Dean signed up for personal training with us having little to no prior gym experience. Like all of our clients, Dean received the personal attention he requi...

Aisling Schmidt

Before After 11

Aisling had a background in sports and enjoyed the odd bought of crossfit but had decided to make some serious body composition changes. After plenty of rese...

Ruben Raat

Before After 10

Ruben was referred to us by his friend and work colleague in Linkedin, Vincent Onderdelinden, who had been training with us for over a year at that stage and...

Fiona Cregan

Before After 9

Fiona signed up with us in The CMB Gym in 2017 and over the course of two years of dedication she lost over 20kgs of body fat. She had tried many personal tr...

Nicky Ryan

Before and after image

Nicky had just had her first baby and also underwent a C-section in the process. Due to over eating while pregnant Nicky put on a lot of unwanted weight, so ...

Ian Kane

Before After 8

Ian was referred to The CMB Gym by a friend of his. On being referred Ian then called the office and booked an appointment to come into the gym for a chat to...

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