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One of The Best Full Body Training Metabolic Workouts

This is one on the best and most intense full body fat burning metabolic workouts you are ever likely to do!


Even as a Personal Trainer I suffer everytime! 😉 The lumberjack circuit incorporates every muscle in the body from your arms, chest, back, legs and abs! 😉 As usual technique is all important in this as in every exercise you do 😉


You NEED to have the correct technique so if it’s not right you will not get optimal benefit from the exercise!



Don’t be a hero and drop the weight! 😉


This circuit can be performed by a beginner up to your most advanced trainer/athlete. With progression you can add weight over a period of time but that won’t happen over night, be patient and it will come.. It should be done with a high intensity.. When done like this, it will kick your metabolism into high gear and therefore burn bodyfat!..


Not only while you’re doing it but when you’re sitting on your ass at home you will continue to burn bodyfat!!!


What you want right? Sit on your ass doing nothing but still burn bodyfat!.. Love it 😀 How to do the exercise.. Pick the Olympic bar up whilst down in the squat position with your hands both reversed around the bar for grip.. Pull the bar up into the press position. Whatever hand you want to start the press with bring the opposite leg forward.


Bring the bar down to the dip (armpit) between the shoulder and chest.. Keep the shoulders parallel whilst pressing.. Don’t drop the shoulder!! Press for 10 reps with High Intensity and repeat on the opposite side! 😉 It’s gona get really tough after this! Haha..


With no break in between, grab the bar at the tip with both hands..


Go straight into the squat position keeping both heels on the ground at all times.. Give yourself a slight angle leaning into the bar as you can see me demonstrate in the video 😉 Do 10 squats!.. Then straight into the Tbar row..


If you don’t have a grip in your gym you can use your towel by wrapping it around your hands and the bar! 😉 Again technique is pivotal here so as not to injure your back.. DO NOT hunch your back!!!



Get right down into the squat position, as if you were having a p** 🙂


Keep the arch in your back and your elbows tucked in.. I’m not gona lie to ya, this will be torture on your quads, especially after the squats right before it! Haha Again 10 reps.. Each exercise should be done done without rest periods..


Only take a 1min 30second break in between each set! A savage full body fat burning metabolic workout! 😉


Leave me some comments on how you got on with it 🙂


Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEHS

Cover Model Body Personal Training

The ABS Gym Personal Training Studio Dublin



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