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Just Ask!

I love my job as a Personal Trainer. I am forever telling people to just “Ask for help”.. Its great to see the health and fitness industry in Ireland growing. The public gyms are packed and people seem to be taking better care of themselves… Well they are trying…

You see, the odds are stacked against you. Most of the people in the gym that are in decent shape or are experienced trainees are performing advanced exercises.

Then novice trainees enter the gym and see the advanced exercises and deem them suitable for them i.e they jump in the deep end… Little do they know, in order to get to that level the experienced trainee didn’t start doing his/her current programme. And you shouldn’t start doing his/her current programme either… you need a beginners programme. 😉

Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat you have to take into consideration that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT TRAINING.. DON’T DO THE USUAL MONKEY SEE MONKEY DO!! If need be GET A PERSONAL TRAINER.

Its true…

Would you just jump in a car and go driving? NO, you would hire a driving instructor… Would you jump in a swimming pool, having never learned to swim? NO…. You would hire a ………..?

Exactly you see where I’m going with this right? Do you want to look like this in the gym?

Didn’t think so…

If you want to make serious progress in the gym and really take your body to the next level you need to

1. Stop copying the eejit in the corner doing tricep kick backs 🙂 I love them haha 😀

2. Drop the ego and ask someone who knows more than you. Hire a professional such as a personal trainer

3. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. If you don’t know you don’t know! It’s better than spending all of that time in the gym, getting no results and growing continually frustrated.

Ultimately people then get so fed up that they quit! We all had to start somewhere! I didn’t just wake up one day with this physique! It took time, perseverance, determination and the WANT to learn, to improve, so I asked people that knew more than me..

At the time! Ha 🙂 It really gets to me when I hear people say, “I train so hard and I’ve trained for so long but I just don’t see the results I want!… Hmmm I wonder why? Because you train like an antelope! Doing stupid exercises that make no sense and then spending an hour on a treadmill.. I often say to myself come on people have you no common sense..

Stop saying “why am I getting no results” and then go and continually do the same idiotic things in the gym! JUST ASK!!! For instance only last week I see some guy on a standing calf raise machine doing squats and then gets off holding his lower back in pain!.. Grrrrrrrrr.. I just wanted to shout at him and say please stop making an idiot out of yourself! I didn’t of course but I would have gladly helped him if he JUST ASKED! 😉

This is why going to someone like a personal trainer is not a cost or an expense.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t cheap but at

the end of the day, is it results you want right?? or do you just want to continue with the monkey see monkey do attitude? I didn’t think so!

You are investing in your education into training and nutrition. This is knowledge you will have then for the rest of your life and

therefore is not an unnecessary expense if you want RESULTS!

Don’t try be a Superhero

So the next time you’re in the gym and you’re not sure or you don’t know, Don’t be a superhero!….PLEASE JUST ASK 😉

Yours in Fitness

Darragh Hayes BBS CPT NCEHS

Cover Model Body Personal Training



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