Success Stories - Conor Sherdian

Connor Sheridan - Before and After

Conor is the owner of a restaurant chain in Dublin and has a very hectic and stressful life. Conor was searching for quite a while for a personal trainer in Dublin before he decided to come into us for a consultation.

Post consultation he decided to sign up for an initial twelve week block. He had an extensive knowledge of training with five years under his belt of good consistency but a rollercoaster of lack lustre results with aesthetics and strength. Conor was left extremely frustrated by this and would often lose motivation which is quite normal when you’re not getting a good return of investment, his money and more importantly, his time!

At the end of the first twelve week block he finally saw the kind of results warranted from the effort put in. Conor quickly signed up for a further 24 weeks as he wanted further his education into his training, nutrition and lifestyle management armoury.


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