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Psychosomatic Healing, Nervous System Regulation, Vagus Nerve Healing, Neuroplasticity, Traumatology, Somatic Release, and PTSD Resolution

Somatic Therapy at CMB Gym

At Firefly Somatics™, we harness the power of cutting-edge scientific disciplines such as Neuroscience, Polyvagal Theory, Traumatology, and Neuroplasticity to offer a unique approach to holistic healing. Our signature method, The Firefly Method®, blends various therapeutic modalities into a comprehensive framework designed to facilitate full-bodied healing, addressing both psychological and somatic aspects.

restore holistic well-being and alignment

The Firefly Method®

Through The Firefly Method®, we guide individuals towards full-body awareness, sparking innate healing responses to restore balance and promote healthy homeostasis. Our transformative modalities aim to reconnect the mind, body, and soul, fostering coherence, regulation, and inner harmony.

Founder and Creator, Danielle Hayes

Founder and Creator, Danielle Hayes, has spent years evolving and perfecting the Psychosomatic approach employed at Firefly Somatics™. With a focus on healing the nervous system and addressing underlying trauma, our methodology aims to restore holistic well-being and alignment.

Our Approach

promote healing

Central to our approach is the integration of scientific, psychophysiological, neurological, and holistic therapeutic techniques. By unearthing subconscious patterns and addressing neurodevelopmental imprints, we work to decode programmed belief systems and promote healing on a deep, cellular level.

move beyond limitations

Through practices like Neuroplasticity and Vagus Nerve activation, we facilitate the rewiring of neural pathways, allowing individuals to move beyond limitations and dysfunctionality. By reducing stress and restoring balance to the regulatory system, we promote resilience and adaptive responses to stressors.

Tailored to the individual

Each session at Firefly Somatics™ is tailored to the individual's needs, combining psychoanalysis with full-body works to promote healing and self-awareness. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment.

our mission

Looking to the future, our mission is to share The Firefly Method® globally, offering healing and freedom to those seeking relief from pain and trauma. With plans to establish healing hubs and a Firefly Academy, we aim to create a global community of empowered individuals dedicated to holistic wellness.

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Our Business Hours:

Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 8pm GMT (closed on Bank Holidays).

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Find us at Upper Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin City Centre, within The CMB Gym.

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